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There is nobody like Margo in the South Florida market. She gives 110% effort to all of her listings, whether it is the $60,000 condo in Kings Point or the $3.5 million ocean front property. When I was renting my home she always found tenants quickly.
When we decided to list my home for sale, she was able to get me a full price cash offer which closed in a month. Margo knows the market and how to price her properties and does not price a listing just to make a quick dollar.
I know of a few other transactions involving my former neighbors who used Margo and were happy with the result.
Unlike other realtors after they get your listing, Margo remains accessible to you and will keep you apprised of developments in the market.

I would highly recommend Margo Lefton.

Good luck.

Brad S

Margo is a enthusiastic and energetic agent and uniquely qualified to sell in the Boca area. She was a neighbor, friend and our agent. She sold our unit for a good and fair price in about three weeks and worked with us so the closing and other matters went extremely well.

She works incredibly hard at her craft and has a knack for finding the buyer that is uniquely suited for an individual unit. My friend and neighbor at the Boca Country Club just sold his home through Margo also, Bradley Schnur. And I know he was extremely satisfied also with her, her process and her attention to detail. I worked with another agent from a national firm in Boca and Margo beat them hands down.

I would recommend her to anyone at anytime.

Please contact me with any additional

Joe P

Purchase of condo unit in Somerset at Boca Club in 2009

Rental of this condo unit.  Original tenant still in place.

Purchase of second condo unit in Somerset at Boca Club in 2010

Rental of this property (three times).

Purchase of a condo unit at Fairways in Boca Club in 2012

Sale of this condo unit in 2013

Purchase of a town home in Candlewood at Boca Club in 2013

Seasonal rental of a condo unit in West Palm Beach.

Since our initial meeting  I was impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and dedication to her clients.  She is always contactable and responds quickly to her clients' queries. As you can see,  I have been using her exclusively for all my purchases, sales and rentals in Florida.

As an investor I do considerable research and Margo has been instrumental in providing the information that I require to assist in my decision making.

I highly recommend her.   

Paul G